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(Should’ve quit directly and quietly and closed the whole thing much more elegantly, but anyway.)

I gave notice on March 12th and finally got a finalizing word today on April 5th.

When I first talked with my direct supervisor, I had to (secretly) take a breath before uttering the first word, even though I’ve planned it all this way. His first question, as I recall, was probably “So traveling for three weeks each year isn’t enough for you?” The funny thing is that the trip isn’t really about traveling — at least this is what I think. Good-nature as he is, he soon showed his well-wishing side and congratulated me for being so brave as to leave my job for a 300-day “round-the-world” trip, banking everything I have, which means I’ll be reduced to some church mouse status when I return to Taiwan. I think I have been very silly and cowardly almost all my life; bravery is something I have to learn to come close to.

Further interviews were held. I listened to some pretty impressively interesting life stories, while in the meantime, I wonder whether I’m doing 100% the right thing by opting for a “turning point” in life. For this type of turning point, to be specific. One thing to be sure: I most certainly do not have any romantic notions about this trip in particular or traveling in general. While my sensitive capacities are impressive in themselves, my sensible mind never ever let anything out of its firm grip even when romanticism à la Damien is in full swing. Come on, guys: while at school I excelled in humanities subjects, I also held my head high when it came to high school mathematics and freshman calculus!

Next Monday is going to be my last day at work, which is actually my first full-time job, which I took up almost five years ago right after an affecting Rosenkavalier in Taipei. I remember looking at the “green wall” with all the living plants on it in the interior of National Concert Hall, thinking, “Tomorrow I’m to surrender my freedom.” In any case, however, it was a really wonderful Rosenkavalier.

And now I’m soon to be unemployed for the first time in my life. Unemployed, jobless, full-time dreamer/sucker, however one calls it. Hopefully the cause is worth it.

Let me make sure that I’ll do something worthwhile for my life.


* Picture source: my own, taken back on 1st July 2007 in National Concert Hall, Taipei, Taiwan. (I can’t find photos of the “green walls” for that period.) While our Concert Hall is far from perfect in various ways, I always feel as if “coming home” whenever I come close to it.

* Video: For the last couple of months I’ve been planning to use this one for my departure on 1st May 2012. A couple of weeks earlier, however, I decided to have something even more arousing, and this clip is at least as suited to this occasion. Madonna’s original MV on Youtube happens to feature better sound, but the images are not inspiring to me, and in any case I’m not a fan of this pop diva. The Ugly Betty episode corresponds nicely to my situation and, as a bonus, does feature someone’s cute little dimples 😛


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  1. Good luck in the trip,we all miss u,come home safely and fulfilledly

  2. I think you shouldn’t think a lot about doing the right thing by quitting the job. You’ve made this decision and now you have to take charge of your decision and make the very best out of it.
    4 years ago I’ve surrendered my freedom too and now I’m about to get it back soon. Being employed may let’s you to feel safe, but in fact you are chained. Breaking the chain has it’s risks, but if you don’t do that, you surrender the chance to change your life. I’m sure you made this decision after considering the risks and chances, so now you have to look forward and try to seize the opportunities.
    Looking forward to see you in Hungary!

    • Oh, honey!

      Thanks for the nice words, which are exactly what has been in my mind for quite some time, hence I’m really not worried about the job. It simply isn’t and shouldn’t be an issue. This article is probably more about reminiscing and showing off the UGLY BETTY clip looool

  3. I’m inspired!!

  4. Good luck Damian! See You in Poland.


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