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[公告]倒數一個月Countdown (and flight combo)

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My world trip is less than one month away: the first flight is scheduled to take off from Taipei on May 1st, 2012, and the first stop is: Helsinki, Finland.

At this moment, please dim the light, turn up the speaker, sit back, and  muse upon the passing of time while savoring the music with me:


My flight combination is as follows:

  • 1-2 May 2012, CX401 – AY70:
    TPE (1900) – HKG (2100-0025) – HEL (0605)
  • 17-18 Sep, IB3861 – IB6585:
    DBV (1400) – MAD (1700-1205) – BOG (1540)
  • 2 Dec, LA848: LIM (0120) – IPC (0655)
  • 6 Dec, LA842: IPC (1410) – SCL (2055)
  • ? Jan: USH (1805) – AEP (2127)
  • ? Jan: AEP (09) – IGR
  • ? Feb: SCL – MEX
  • ??: MEX – DFW – NRT – TPE

(今 天打給台北的AA,本來直至前二週USH-AEP的班機最晚一直只訂得到2012/12/31,1月起完全看不見;今天有了,可是我要訂1/20時,小姐 和我說「客滿」,只有1/17和1/22有。如果訂了這個,那要訂AEP-IGR(也就是把該段推到更晚的日期)雖然有航班但也「無機位」。小姐解釋,應 該不是沒機位,而是不同艙等的位訂效期不同,所以晚些時日再來訂應該就訂得到了。顯然後面這些均得再寫email給她、或請台北友人代訂。)


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  1. taiwaneseatheart


  2. 你自己出門在外,也要留意當心呀。愉快出門,平安回來喔。

  3. Hi Damian,
    Yes, I can open your blog on my iPhone & the translator appears to be working cuz it’s in Mandarin & English.
    I don’t see that you’re coming to San Francisco. Any way you could add that to your itinerary?
    Best regards,
    Rob in SF

    • Not if I spend money on an extra pair of flight tickets — the most likely is that I’ll have to fly from Dallas (or Mexico) to SF, and then go back to Dallas (or Mexico) to pick up the rest of the flight combination I have purchased. Re-routing to SF won’t be likely.

  4. am looking forward to your special experience to share!

  5. Hsu, Jen Hsien



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