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新增翻譯功能 New: Translator Feature!

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Gestern Morgen habe dies getan: 加上翻譯功能是我一直想做的事。部份原因是因為台灣一些不讀英文的朋友會說「啊反正你寫英文的我又看不懂啊」。(以後就請大家去網誌右上角按一下就可嚕。)

And another reason I chose to try adding a translator feature to the blog is that some very curious-minded foreign friends want to understand certain parts I compose in Chinese.  Yet another is that a couple of friends dear to me happen not to comprehend that much English, i.e. basically a couple of friends from Moldova and Syria.

WordPress isn’t great in terms of modules or layout choices for bloggers writing exclusively on the web pages surface (rather than constructing their blogs with their own hard discs, but I found in the forum this discussion, in which a generous timethief provides codes, whose result appears like below:

Click the link below to translate this blog into the language of your choice:

Afrikaans Albanian Arabic Armenian
Azerbaijani Basque Belarusian Bulgarian
Catalan Chinese (S) Chinese (T) Croatian
Czech Danish Dutch Estonian
Filipino Finnish French Galician
German Georgian Greek Hebrew
Hindi Hungarian Icelandic Indonesian
Irish Italian Japanese Korean
Latavian Lithuanian Macedonian Malay
Maltese Norwegian Persian Polish
Portuguese Romanian Russian Serbian
Slovak Slovenian Spanish Swahili
Swedish Thai Turkish Ukrainian
Urdu Vietnamese Welsh Yiddish

Surely this looks great, but it takes up too much space, and it’ll probably take a lot longer to load the page.  Also I guess it’ll appear too wordy for my own use.

As a result, since I don’t really understand code language, I examined the code closely and made my own version, which looks like this (as can be seen on upper right of my blog):

Ch➭Eng En➭中
En➭الأرابيش Ch➭Fr
Ch➭Deu Ch➭Latviešu
Ch➭Magyar Ch➭Polski
Ch➭Español Ch➭српски
Ch➭slovenčina Ch➭română

Feel free to give me feedbacks on how useful this feature is for you/ may be!



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  1. 感謝你體恤我們這種破英文的人


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