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Samson, Boris, QoS!!! 波蘭看三齣歌劇!

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Tonight my Polish Angel notified me that he has purchased for me:

tickets to Wrocław for Samson and Dalila and for Borys Godunow [sic.; Boris Godunov by Mussorgsky] and to Warszaw Queen of Spades for you[.]

Tickets of Wroclaw Opera (Operze Wrocławska) cannot be purchased on-line, which was why I asked for assistance in the first place.  As for Warsaw Opera (Teatr Wielki Opera Narodowa), online purchases are possible, but very few Pique Dame (Queen of the Spades) tickets are left — even though one performance falls on the same day as a UEFA football match –, and only the Sunday performance has better tickets left.  In any case my Polish Angel (a bit unexpectedly) said he wants to go see the opera with me, and he volunteered to ask his tenor chorister friend at that opera to book tickets for us, possibly for tickets that aren’t shown on the internet booking system but are nevertheless available at the physical box office.

Oh I can’t wait to hold all three tickets in my hand!

(And although I’m modifying my Poland dates, Poznan still doesn’t have anything to offer during my stay, not even that Hamlet.  And Gdansk only has a Salome that also doesn’t fall into the period of my stay, and frankly I really don’t need to see Salome again.  I might add one thing: Gdansk’s program in general is simply not very strong.)


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  1. Hi, here is Polish Angel … I wonder how do you know that I am Angel 😉 … I will try to persuade an angel …
    Desperately looking for wings !!!

    • Haha.. I was to write to devote an article specifically to this Polish Angel, but my insomnia for the last two days (at least) has been so bad and in fact going on a bad trend that today I’ve been practically a somnambulist for the entire day.. If I don’t drug myself efficiently soon I might simply break a leg or something.

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