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花費概算 Expense Estimate

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Many people have been asking me exactly what kind of budget I’ve set for this Round-the-World trip.  (Related questions are: you must be rich? or as Taiwanese would put it, “I thought this is something one does only when one hits the jackpot?” Unfortunately, answers to all the questions above are “no,” and I also was neither born in nor married into a wealthy family (alas).  Well, here you go:

我以前有非常粗略算過這趟旅行要花多少錢。很久前我應該是粗糙地將上限訂在TWD 1,000,000,然後回來端盤子賣唱打雜繡衣或從事猛男秀(屆時是瘦排骨秀吧?),不過凡事留個安全緩衝比較好。

(800,000 – 140,000 – 20,000) / 300 = TWD 2,133。

That means the daily expenditure quota I set for myself is roughly €53, which includes accommodation, transportation and tourist sites for the day.  Oh, and food.

The above calculation doesn’t deduct things like round-trip flight tickets between Lima and Cuzco, nor the train to Machu Picchu, but that’s the basic idea.  Also, not taken into consideration is the significantly more daunting expenses in southern Chile and Argentina during high season.  Nor are ALL the visa fees.  On the other hand, I expect things to be cheaper in most of Colombia and Ecuador (“most,” since I remember a certain group of bird islets can be accessed only via some pricey boat tours).

(Oh, and hopefully I’ll get all the operas: Onegin in Vilnius, Samson and Boris in Wroclaw, Pique Dame in Warsaw, and please please please let me have the good luck to see something nice in the prestigious Teatre Conlon in Buenos Aires!  And let me go check again about Hamlet in Poznan…)

I guess that as long as I play it safe, I should get by well enough.  If my bank balance sinks faster than expected, I’ll simply shorten my trip and likely cut an entire country or two:
如果在歐洲時錢就花得太多了,也許巴爾幹半島得看情況刪(畢竟Serbia BiH Macedonia的簽證都很囉嗦咩),也或者刪厄瓜多-因為厄瓜多需要二至三週,以後從台灣飛去純粹玩厄瓜多也不是壞事。如果真的不行,阿根廷就刪刪刪吧,機票已經買的地方重點把握好好玩就好了。)


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