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Feedback Needed 有請建言!

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Feedback Needed

41 blog articles so far.
I need suggestions on how to make the blog more reader-friendly:)

Please don’t be shy to voice any constructive critique!

Picture source 圖片來源 = here.


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  1. Victor Stevenson

    I have raised my opinion in private but because you’re asking here, I think a solid color background is much more reader friendly.

    Also maybe it would be good to specify when a post is only written in English (or in Chinese) and when it has both versions in it. It would be enough to just write (EN), (CH) or (Both) at the end of the post title.

    Finally, I have read about this a lot, you should make comment in other blogs that talk about similar subject levying the link for your blog so readers from other blogs can start reading yours

    • Great points.
      1. Is it necessary to specify in which language a certain entry is written? This is a neutral question. Also I try to leave “cliff-hangers” 😛
      2. About visiting other blogs.. yeah, possible. I should think of that.

      What does everyone think about the background?
      If someone comes across some good background, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Thanks!

  2. taiwaneseatheart

    One last suggestion. You should put the direct link to your blog on your Facebook. I know you’ve put it on your wall several times put you should put it on your “Info” section. That way even if one is just surfing through your profile, one could see the link there.


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