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Hooray: Two More Saviors

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And this morning, looking at all the wonderful, wonderful, wonderful (yes, alas, wonderful. Didn’t I just say “wonderful” three times?) sunlight through the bus window, I thought I should write a letter, which shall have the following beginning:

Dear Ariel,

Please don’t swim to Taiwan, although it’s such a beautiful island full of sun, since people (and princes) here love to build concrete buildings, burn handful of money to operate their beloved central COOLING system.  They also wear way too much just to make sure that they enjoy the artificial environment.  If you ever swim to Taiwan, you can forget about all that stay-all-day-in-the-sun shebang.

And yet when I turned on the computer I found out that, after all my non-operation for my trip preparation this week, the Big-Guy(Gal)-Upstairs decided to give me a nod tinged with sunny grin: I just got two Couch offers in two towns: Liepāja, Latvia, and Toruń, Poland! I actually decided quite some time ago as a policy not to make any couch finds an event by documenting them, but after a rather unlucky week I think we all deserve some festive mood.  Hooray!

Let’s wish that I’ll have luck with Kaunas (Lithuania), Wrocław and Warsaw (both Poland), among quite some other cities:) Let’s all keep our fingers crossed.

And below is the complete clip of Ariel’s “Part of Your World” from the classic animation film The Little Mermaid.  Enjoy!


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