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Got a cold. AGAIN. 又感冒了

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I can’t bear it anymore.  Or as Floria Tosca legendarily vocalized,

No! – Ah! Più non posso! – Che orror!
Cessate il martîr! È troppo il soffrir!


Son io […] torturate!…
Torturate l’anima…
Sì, l’anima mi torturate!

Yeah, of course it can’t be really that bad, no matter how I (jokingly) melodramatized it. It’s just hat I got a cold.  Again.  At least I was lucky enough to have noticed several days ago a seemingly tiny yet very significant tooth situation (a big cavity needed to be re-filled) and could have that fixed.  As for the cold, at least it doesn’t cause a swollen throat, something that’s always been my Achilles’ heels.

Although it’s only Wednesday today, I’m afraid that this entire week will turn out to be entirely unproductive in terms of planning this trip.  我現在只訂位到Poland的Białystok啊!而且除了並不是都訂完全之外,Vilnius的歌劇也還沒買啊!:( (話說回來Helsinki的也還沒買。)

It’s on such days I’d wonder exactly how I’m going to manage when on a trip.  Especially for such a long trip that I won’t be able to return to Taiwan anytime soon to enjoy the marvelously cheap and convenient National Health Insurance.  When I am on the road I can mostly only rely on Western OTC medicine (成藥), which understandably (a) only fixes superficial syndromes rather than enhance my health conditions, and (b) kills the good things in my body at the same time.  Well, what else can one do?

I guess the good thing is that, when I’m on the road, I’ll be tougher; even better, I’ll be less often exposed to the cruel central ventilation system, especially not the system in my office — it seems to keep us warm in summer and cold in winter; quite a thoughtful darling, isn’t it.

The main problem: a mild cold can be pretty harmless, but the ventilation system in my office simply turns a tiny puppy into a three-headed monster.  It simply sucks my energy dry, leaving me with even less stamina to cope with the cold.

I’ll be tougher no matter what.  I very likely had some sore throat when tortured by altitude syndromes in Puno, Peru two yeas ago — man it was chilly to walk from the shared shower (which provided on-and-off hot water only when one turned the volume down, and when the water was hot, it was often boiling as well) back to the unheated room.  But most certainly, I had some fever when I visited Carcassonne, France in my junior year — the travel guide (Lonely Planet France?) said something like “what ramparts are to Carcassonne is like legs to Tina Turner” (I wish I could locate the original sentence — what a classic), and indeed they are, and the good-value hostel is happily located right at the center of the old town, even though the very badly designed backpack made the walk from the new town to the old town, especially the walk up the hill where the latter is located, a task less easy than could have been.  In any case, I probably did my laundry, if so then definitely wrote a couple of postcards leaning against the dryer, then I realized I had a fever — but hey, I haven’t tasted the famous Carcassonne Bouillon! With all my resolution, I strode out for a walk with my camera, and towards the end of the sightseeing I went into a restaurant, ordered that bouillon with white beans and even a Peach Melba — I simply was very curious about all these opera singers –, ate up everything, probably mopped up every drop of that bouillon with bread, and then went back to my hostel bed to sleep the fever off.

我現在只有一個請求:Please, no more health problems before May 2013! even though I’m always bound to be sick at least once at some point in each trip…

這段精彩的Covent Garden演出可看以下影片;Youtube上可以找到更完整的,或者也可以買EMI出的DVD — this should be a must-buy classic on anyone’s list anyway!

(引用的段落是從第17秒開始。The passage quoted above starts at 17s.  請調高音量 please turn up the volume
(with full English subtitles)


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