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Hug Series 擁抱計畫公告

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(以下是示範照)(Below is a photo example)

About two weeks ago the Chilean V (who claims to be “Taiwanese at heart” but simply can’t hide some very Latino traits, such as his dancing style that highlights his motor butt) couldn’t help but tell me that Taiwanese are SOOOO nice.  In fact he voiced that opinion as if he were a prophet that sadly cannot forego his capacities of seeing the future, especially when it comes to some ominous inevitability.  “You’ll see,” he said, “Not all other peoples in the world are so nice.  Taiwanese people are really soooo nice.”  And if I remember correctly, when I started to respond by saying “Oh, but remember I told you how heart-warming Syrians can be?” he quickly dismissed me by a curt “yeah but!…”

While the thing that I look forward to the most for this RTW trip is actually meeting the many kind people who have helped me so much, as well as hopefully many more that I’m yet to encounter, I simply won’t deny that I’ll miss my homeland and my friends.  That’s why I actually planned to do a photo-documented “HUG” project even before the aforementioned conversation.


For me, the act of embraces says very plentifully something very important that language doesn’t even come close to conveying.  It isn’t easy for Taiwanese, however.  V once “praised” me for the way I hug, pointing out that (while I always remain the gentleman I am) I tend to really embrace without precautions.  Many other Taiwanese, in contrast, either do it not often and only with a lot of “safety space” and a degree of reserve, or simply never hug.  The reserve is mostly out of the respect for others rather than need for security or simply an aloof quality, but it is nevertheless there, even though it doesn’t contradict to the truth that Taiwanese more than often welcome guests (especially foreigners) passionately.

Before the trip embarks, I’ll make sure that I can talk to friends in the language of hugs.  (And I should probably do also a series of photos of hugging while jumping in midair. 再來個「跳到半空中擁抱」系列就更讚了。)


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