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When I just now went to the breakfast very close by to get my breakfast, I praised the shop owner, who was busy whipping and clanging her shovel, “Wow, you always remember how I want my [Taiwanized, of course] hamburger and everything.” (No tomato sauce, no mayonnaise, lots of salad.)  She smiled,

“Ah, how can I forget what the cute guy wants?”

Rule number one of being Taiwanese: pay compliments to your customers!

And since I always want lots of chili and no soy bean sauce to go with my Taiwanese omelette (蛋餅),  her niece made sure to add lots of finely sliced cucumbers for me, as is their eatery’s specialty! Love it.

(And of course she wasn’t being flirtatious in any sense.  Taiwanese are actually rather reserved in the flirting department.)

[Picture source: my own photo taken in Taitung, Taiwan in February 2011, so of course this isn’t the same breakfast eatery.]


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