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Re-Route Poland? 歐足之亂

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I’m rather really worried about Poland, especially Warsaw and Wroclaw.
Why? Please read the accounts below.

I know everything in a backpacking trip (even if not a CS-ing one) is subject to changes, but I really intend to nail down things for my Baltic and Poland parts, mainly because:
– I want to see operas, and I need to buy tickets in advance;
– the big UEFA is coming, and one needs to be VERY SURE about accommodation.

I just matched my dates with the UEFA match dates, and then I checked some hostel booking websites: for dates of matches and dates right proceeding the matches, all hostels are either FULLY BOOKED, or the prices are inflated to five times or even more.  (Can anyone imagine paying 60 or more 70 Euros for a bunk bed in a dorm room?)

(I love various sports, but I really do not care for football and will not be able to afford the hostel/hotels’ “UEFA special prices.”)

My concerns are:
– I know it seems too early to ask for couches right now, since most CS hosts probably don’t plan that much in advance;
– I originally (naively) thought I can book some hostels as backup plans, (in case I get a couch, I can cancel and pay only the booking fees and deposits,) but as mentioned above, hostels seem not to be an option AT ALL.

What should I do? (I’m really not trying to ing melodramatic.)
– Should I RE-ROUTE just to be safer? or
– Should I just relax, since I’m simply worried too much, and there’s no need to book hostels, and just be patient about finding couches?


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  1. You could try to find accomodation (both couch and hostel) not in those cities, but 20-40 kms away from them or even further. It would be still cheaper to pay a little extra for transportation than to pay these horrible prices now they ask in hostels.
    Although this will be not easy either, I checked some hostels not far from these cities and they offer the same price, but you may have luck to find a decent one. Or you can try to send CS requests for people living in outside cities a little later.
    When nothing works you can try to find accomodation even further, for example for Wroclaw in Opole or Legnica, they are about 1-1,5 hrs by train but I checked now some hostel prices and they are not (or only a little bit) higher in June than in other time.

    • Hey thanks immensely. I think obviously I won’t be able to live in a hotel/hostel in at least two cities, so yeah, (1) I’ll try to find couches first; (2) if there’re simply no couches up to the days of my arrivals (in these cities), I’ll go to nearby cities for hostels. So Opole and Legnica are fine for Wroclaw? how about Warsaw?

      By the way, may I know who you are? 🙂 have we chatted somewhere before?

    • silly me, I just saw your last name — you’re my dear Vac-based walking encyclopedia!

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