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BiH, Macedonia, Serbia簽證在波蘭辦?

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A couple of days ago I Skyped-out, with a very swollen throat, to the Bosnia and Herzegovina Embassy in Warsaw, Poland.  While I know that theoretically a Taiwanese can apply in Hungary for the respective visas of Serbia (塞爾維亞), BiH (short for Bosnia and Herzegovina 波士尼亞及赫塞哥維亞,簡稱波赫) and Macedonia (馬其頓), I’d rather play it safe. 畢竟我的申根90天如果照我排的進度,是用到87天滿滿的,剩下3天就是要拿來作任何突發狀況的緩衝-等簽證啦、在東歐飛南美時如果有什麼曲折啦(最好是 沒有啦,千拜託萬拜託),總是小心點好。即使可以避進Romania或Bulgaria,嘿,如果這二國突然從半申根變成全申根呢?

The first lady that picked up the phone swiftly transferred my call to an English-speaking lady.  I slowly and concisely articulated my identity, using only “Taiwan” and emphatically not “China.” She checked some facts about me, and the verdict is simple: “No, you can’t do it here.  If you don’t have a residence permit in Poland, you can’t.  We only accept applications from foreigners with a Polish residence permit.” 沒有居留證就免談-這我在Jordan的Syria大使館也聽過嘛,雖然當時是個包著頭巾露出全臉的壯年女性對用吼的。

I tried to explicate to her that I’ll be traveling for a couple of months, but she firmly stopped me short and refrained the condition above.  She told me to check BiH’s MFA website, and insistently spelled it several times.

As for Macedonia, the funny news is that so far I can’t find any information about its having an embassy in Poland.  Maybe it doesn’t?

Back to Serbia.  The last time I heard from them — via email, that is — was on March the 5th. 他們回信速度好像很慢。It seems I can do it, and the lady (I think it’s a lady; after all, the name “Gordana” ends in “a,” right? I could be wrong though) listed a few criteria, although I still want to confirm with her whether I must provide:

  • a “certified invitation letter (公證過的私人邀請函)”;
  • a proof of financial means (財力證明), or exactly in which format it should be;
  • a “return ticket” — after all I’ll arrive in and depart from Serbia by bus!

A Pawel based in Warsaw that I just met on the website GR has been ultra helpful and enthusiastic to help, no less! He CALLED the Serbia embassy, and the “must-provide” list doesn’t have the first two in the bullet points above; as for the third one, the version he got was “a photocopy of an invitation or a hotel voucher or  a [return?] ticket (air, rail…).’

God (or goddess) of Visa, you’re forever the source of mystery of all mysteries.


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