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Ushuaia Drama: Part II

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After I nailed the whole RTW flight shebang — so I thought –, I got this morning an email from a Limeño friend.  He asserts that he knows the reason why LAN, the former Chilean national flag carrier that was already privatized, “no longer offers flights to or from Ushuaia.”  According to him, newspapers uniformly chant the following fact:

“It has to do with the Falklands after all. LAN used to have a flight from Chile (LAN is Chilean) to the Falklands. To do this, their planes went through Argentinian airspace. Argentina’s President has given orders that LAN cannot cross Argentinian airspace anymore to do this particular flight. This is because Chile supported England in the Falklands war, and with all this problems going on, it was bound to happen. In return, LAN has decided that since Argentina doesn’t want to let them fly through their country en route to the Falklands, then they will also stop flying to some parts of Argentina; Ushuaia being one of them. Last thing I know was that they were talking things over, but until then, flight might be canceled anytime.”

Honestly, I don’t care.  I’ll just keep a big smile on my face, and when the time approaches and flights still aren’t offered, I’ll just improvise and do something else.  I ain’t gonna freak out like some crazy tall handsome guy (named Damian) always does!

After all, my greatest (hmm.. I was drawn to type “greatext”– I wonder why) friend V Skyped like crazy to LAN’s service center on Friday for half a dozen times, and not only three of the service ladies all said they had never heard of anything about potential cancellation, the third one, who happens to sound like someone with a very clear head, seemed to have authoritatively assured V that, since the Ushuaia flights are so profitable, there’s no way they can be canceled.

Besides, if worst comes to worst, which means that LAN doesn’t offer Ushuaia flights, then hey, am I not a lucky man since I never booked the Falkland flights as part of this OneWorld flight combination? At least I didn’t pay for the two extra flight sectors, each costing an extra USD 100 plus tax.  I’ll just bite the bullet and pay for the cancellation fine USD135 (or 150?); I’m still young, I can always sing Taiwanese ballads and Western operatic arias on a foreign street, or put on my bling-bling top to commence my go-go boy career (finally).  Hurray!

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