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Which language should I opt for when it comes to this travel blog? 其實這是我一直思考的問題。







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  1. If you want the most people to follow you and be able to communicate with you, then English would be the best choice as probably it will be the linking language all around the world between you and the others.


    • haha.. Are you Istvan from Vac?
      Obviously Google Translator works pretty good for you? 🙂

    • Yeah, that is me. 🙂

      Basically I just read the first sentences, which is in English. All the other characters appear as “squares”, like on this screenshot:

      Now I put the “squares” into Google Translate and more or less understand it… but the translation is funny and does not make too much sense sometimes… 🙂 So basically it would be pretty difficult to follow what you want to write exactly if it is in Chinese.
      I do not really know what is with German, but that is fine for me too. 🙂

    • Is that your blog sweetie?

  2. 這不是昨天在才討論的內容,這麼快就放上來了。

    • 對呀。因為blog是真的可以留存和理順思緒的地方,尤其是相對於FB來說。也因為如此,昨天在FB寫的文字有特別注意順暢和品質,呵

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