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The beginning of the end

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The pie, I guess, is crème de la crème of this “surprise birthday celebration-(way)-in-advance “party (and gosh my birthday is almost five months away in July — by that time I’ll supposedly be in Slovakia if all plans go smoothly, I hope!) — indeed isn’t it just lovely and totally photogenic?

Right before the celebration I bought the Toshiba R830 i3 2330 notebook for which I’ve been eying for so long.  This is the first major purchase (hence “sunken cost”) for this Grand Tour, and also the first strike for the demolition…



Toshiba R830 i3 2330(黑色,捨原廠筆電包、改取筆電護墊、送原廠配的藍芽滑鼠、加送原廠鍵盤保潔墊)= TWD 26,500


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